Apple's iPhone 5C come in five different colours

Users finding it difficult to upgrade their iPhone and iPad devices to Apple Inc.’s new iOS7 mobile operating systems are inundating online Apple forums with their complaints.

While there are plenty of posts about successful downloads there are also many grievances that cover a wide range of issues from download difficulties to criticisms about the operating system’s user interface.

For example, some users are unaware of the changes Apple made to the UI which now requires you to swipe right to left to delete emails and no longer left to right.

One user concluded that iOS7 is a “collection of arbitrary changes that bring no new real functional advantage” over its previous version and that the latest interface is “just plain ugly.”

Some reported problems with accessing their Gmail accounts, another said that Notifications did not work after their iOS7 upgrade.

Some reported that their iPhone 5 froze and others said their iPhone 4S became inoperable after they installed iOS7.

Battery life was a contentious issue. Some users claimed that battery life of the devices was shortened after the upgrade to iOS7, while others said battery life actually improved.
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