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Microsoft to patch under-attack XML bug next week

After first not mentioning that the vulnerability would be addressed, the company confirms it will be part of Tuesday's patches

HP finds unexpected failures of PC motherboards

Three models of computers made in summer of 2010 may experience no video at start up and stop responding. HP has added 12 months to their warranties

Microsoft dumps Office Starter from PC maker choices

Compatibility problems with upcoming Windows 8 root of demise

Apple adds iPad to back-to-school promo

Mac buyers receive a $100 iTunes gift card, third-gen iPads earn $50

Apple sets OS X Mountain Lion release for July, cuts upgrade price 33%

Drops price to $19.99, will likely reach Mac App Store on July 25

Standards group to bar IE10 from claiming ‘Do Not Track’ compliance

If Microsoft doesn't change IE10's on-by-default privacy setting, it can't say browser is compliant when standard is finalized, says W3C

Chrome to take world’s top browser spot for May

In first for Google's browser, StatCounter's data shows Chrome ahead of IE for the monthrn

Microsoft clarifies tremendous Windows 8 claims

Analysts point out how Microsoft inflates the pool of Windows 8-capable PCs

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