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Skip the Intel Kaby Lake upgrade

Intel’s Kaby Lake chip release looks impressive on paper but given the performance, price, and current need, consumers may get away with skipping this upgrade. Intel’s refresh may spur IT departments to upgrade work PCs to new format desktops.

Solving the Twitter problem

Twitter faces a number of big problems and too many users do not find the site easy to use. If the company more quickly matches user needs by helping them link to great content creators, the site will grow once again.

Microsoft forges ahead with Qualcomm-powered Windows 10 tablets

Microsoft has a strong strategic approach in growing in the mobile market, which does not involve developing smartphones. The software giant is teaming up with Qualcomm to develop Windows 10 tablets.

Should Microsoft give up on browser war?

According to analytics vendor Net Applications, Microsoft lost 40 million Internet Explorer users in October and over 300 million in 2016. Microsoft is at risk of losing its leading spot as the most-used browser.

BlackBerry’s DTEK60 an inflection point for company

The positive reception for the latest Android device may, once and for all, convince BlackBerry it has a strong future in devices after all.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 not suitable for enterprises or photography shops

Apple’s removal of HDMI, USB-C, and the SD card reader is taking features away from users. It is becoming less functional but to Apple’s credit, more aesthetically pleasing.

IBM accelerating on all cylinders

After years lingering on its transformation, IBM continues to show progress. Earlier this month the company reported revenue of US $19.2B, with cloud revenue...

BlackBerry outsources smartphone business

The highlight of BlackBerry’s last quarter was its announcement that it would stop making smartphones directly. While the company will earn a royalty on their sales, profit will mean less for the Mobile device management software maker.

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