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Five tips for managing Microsoft licencing costs

No single article can cover everything you need to know about Microsoft licenses. But here are five tips that could save your business money when it comes time to upgrade or purchase new Microsoft software

The looming Windows 7 licensing ‘disaster’ for XP users

IT has to ask a lot of questions to figure out the best way to migrate to Windows 7 -- and deal with the IE6 apps they may have forgotten about

Freeware won’t kill software, says Microsoft’s Ballmer

The freeware movement is not the end of software. It has been three or four years where our most significant competition has been free. We have learned customers care about total value, not cost of actual software, but total cost, says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft’s new OS extends life of old PCs

Microsoft Corp. released a new version of its operating system for businesses this week that extends the life of older PCs by effectively turning them into thin-client computers.

Microsoft gives away virtualization

Microsoft said this month it would remove the price tag from its Virtual Server and begin offering the virtualization technology as a free download.

Windows Server 2003 update to precede Longhorn

Stirring up its Windows Server product road map, Microsoft Corp. said Friday it plans to ship an updated version of its Windows Server 2003 product before a Longhorn version of the server operating system, expected by about 2007.

Microsoft licensing model becoming a standard: analyst

A year after Software Assurance, Microsoft says changes were correct.

Gartner to Microsoft customers: Plan now

Research company Gartner Inc. has once again warned Microsoft Corp. enterprise customers to review their software licensing contracts or risk paying higher prices down the road as the software maker prepares to make its full switch to a new licensing program.

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