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Green IT products Five that can save you money

More and more companies are looking to cut costs through reducing energy consumption and doing their part for the environment. If you've already replaced the incandescent light bulbs in your office with compact fluorescent bulbs, and you're ready to take the next environmental step, check out our list of green-friendly IT products that could be a fit for your enterprise.

Sprint behind schedule on MPLS net

Sprint is behind on the promise it made last year to deploy its MPLS network to nearly 50 additional countries.

The Blackberry in the enterprise

Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO of Research in Motion holds forth on everything

Lawmakers take aim at iPod oblivion

A New York State senator hopes to introduce legislation that will make using an iPod on crosswalks illegal, according to news reports.

Businesses keep turning towards telecom outsourcing

More businesses are expected to outsource their telecom expense management (TEM) needs over the next two years, according to a report by consulting firm Gartner.

Boingo’s Wi-Fi net puts roots down in Asia-Pacific

Boingo Wireless announced this week that it is further expanding its Asia-Pacific presence by inking agreements with three providers in that region.

Freeware won’t kill software, says Microsoft’s Ballmer

The freeware movement is not the end of software. It has been three or four years where our most significant competition has been free. We have learned customers care about total value, not cost of actual software, but total cost, says Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

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