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UUNet improves SLAs

UUNET Technologies Inc. is upping its dedicated Internet-access service-level agreements (SLA). The WorldCom Inc. company announced new...

Sprint executive details company

Now that the WorldCom Inc. deal to buy Sprint Corp. is dead, Sprint is busily looking to re-strengthen relationships with employees, customers and Wall Street analysts. Other potential suitors are fewer now that Deutsche Telekom AG announced its intentions to buy VoiceStream Wireless Corp., eliminating DTs want of Sprints wireless business. Sprint Business President Len Lauer recently discussed the repercussions of a deal gone wrong and where the carrier might go from here. NWC: Sprint, along with WorldCom, has spent the past nine months working toward a merger. How does Sprint view those nine months now that the deal fell through? Was it time wasted? Lauer: No doubt we invested time and money into a deal and didnt get the results we wanted. Its very disappointing. The merger did consume the time of our senior management team. The short-term reaction from a vast majority of the employees is relief. There was uncertainty regarding job security and how the culture would change wi

UUNet’s VPN merges dialup and dedicated access

UUNET Technologies Inc. launched its latest managed VPN services Tuesday, letting customers sign up for a single...

Wireless service providers need speed

Accessing the Internet using a wireless handheld device offers exactly the same performance you would get sitting at your desktop

Wireless featured at Telecom 99 show

Every four years, telecom vendors and service providers gather in Geneva to show off their latest products and technologies.

ATM angles for IP edge

At the ATM Forum meeting in Atlanta last month, members outlined plans to make ATM the technology of choice for transporting IP traffic over WANs.

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