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AT&T expands network globally

AT&T Corp. this week announced network expansion initiatives that include extending the reach of its Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network in Asia and South America, boosting IP capacity in the northwest U.S., increasing the reach of remote access services and deploying four new data centres overseas.

Ford enlists 50,000 VoIP phones

Ford Motor Co.'s decision to pay SBC Communications Inc. US$100 million to deploy and manage a network of 50,000 VoIP phones is being touted by the carmaker as a money saver as the carrier plays up its entry into the heavyweight division of VoIP vendors.

Offshore guidance

Your company just cleared its first hurdle by deciding to outsource software development, its customer-care call centre or financial business processes to an offshore location. Now where do you go? Who do hire? How do you connect from there to here?

Lucent bags billion-dollar Sprint

Sprint Corp. is buying US$1 billion worth of wireless network gear from Lucent Technologies Inc., the companies announced Tuesday.

3G : New mobile data standard on the way

A new wireless data specification is expected to join an already crowded field next year.

Public wireless LAN services gain momentum

The already-considerable buzz surrounding public wireless LAN services has increased dramatically with the launch of Cometa Networks two weeks ago by industry bigwigs Intel Corp., AT&T Corp. and IBM Corp.

Sprint buffs up managed data offerings

Sprint Corp. announced recently that it has revamped its managed data service offerings by simplifying the product set and pricing while extending the reach of its management capabilities.

Genuity launches traffic prioritization

Financially strapped Genuity Inc. last week introduced a quality-of-service (QoS) feature networkwide that allows customers to prioritize their Internet-bound traffic.

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