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MACWORLD: Jobs shows off Apple browser

Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs introduced the company's own Web browser, called "Safari," Tuesday during his keynote address at the MacWorld trade show in San Francisco, and also showed off new PowerBook computers and software applications, including one meant to compete with Microsoft Corp.'s popular PowerPoint.

Microsoft releases second beta of Exchange 2003

Microsoft Corp. Monday released another test version of an upgrade of its Exchange messaging and information management server software, as it prepares to enhance access to e-mail by mobile users.

Poll: Majority of Internet users want spam banned

If you are not very annoyed by spam, you are now in the minority, according to the results of a U.S.-based online poll.

Judge rules to put Java in Windows, IE

Microsoft Corp. must distribute Java technology from Sun Microsystems Inc. in every copy of Windows and Internet Explorer that it ships, a U.S. federal judge ruled last week.

Momentum builds around Eclipse

Looking to strengthen its position in the software development tools market, IBM Corp. announced Monday that an additional 13 vendors have agreed to join its open source project Eclipse, and will offer tools that plug into the development environment.

Microsoft tweaks .Net pricing

Microsoft Corp. is preparing to ship the second release candidate of its forthcoming Windows .Net Server 2003 operating system, the company recently announced. It also announced changes to its enterprise licensing plans that should offer customers more flexibility when they purchase the operating system.

RealNetworks puts more Helix code online

RealNetworks Inc. on Monday delivered another component in its strategy to offer a complete set of open-source software for creating, delivering and playing back audio and video files over the Internet.

Sony to bundle StarOffice with select PCs in Europe

Sun Microsystems Inc. Wednesday announced a deal with a division of Sony Corp. to pre-install its StarOffice 6.0 productivity software on some Sony PCs sold in Europe, as it looks to eke out business in a market dominated by Microsoft Corp.'s Office software.

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