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Microsoft tweaks .Net Server technology, pricing

Microsoft Corp. is preparing to ship the second release candidate of its forthcoming Windows .Net Server 2003 operating system, the company said Monday. It also announced changes to its enterprise licensing plans that should offer customers more flexibility when they purchase the operating system.

Red Hat to target workstations, telcos

Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. Tuesday detailed the release of its operating system for workstations, and announced that it has enhanced its Linux Advanced Server operating system to add support for "carrier-grade" Linux applications.

IDC: Windows cheaper than Linux in some scenarios

A survey from research company International Data Corp. (IDC) finds that organizations running Windows 2000 spend less in the long run for some tasks, such as print and file serving, compared with organizations running Linux.

Sun to release Java toolkit for StarOffice

Sun Microsystems Inc. will release a software development kit in the middle of next year that will allow businesses to customize applications in its open source StarOffice productivity suite to better suit their needs, an executive for the company said Wednesday.

U.S. feds crack huge identity theft ring

U.S. federal investigators have uncovered a massive identity theft scheme that is thought to have spanned nearly three years and involved more than 30,000 victims. While the scam is believed to be the largest in U.S. history, one security specialist has said that technology is only partly to blame.

COMDEX: .Net Framework to fit in small devices

LAS VEGAS - Microsoft Corp. Monday released long-awaited software that will allow applications designed around its .Net platform to run on portable computing devices. It also made available a test version of its suite of software development tools that can be used to build mobile applications.

COMDEX: Gates: Computers still transforming home, office

LAS VEGAS - Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates unveiled Sunday night a new application that aims to replace the paper note pad, and demonstrated a slew of digital devices creeping into the home and office that are powered by versions of the company's Windows operating system.

Palm Tungstens feature navigation tool

Palm Inc. late last month unveiled two new handhelds under its Tungsten brand that introduce phone features and built-in support for the wireless technology Bluetooth to its lineup.

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