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Consumers still wary of online banking safety

Online banking was supposed to revolutionize the financial services industry, shutting down branches and saving the banks oodles of cash. But in 2004, the number of Canadians doing their banking on the Internet stayed the same for the first year since the banks first went online, according to TNS Canadian Facts, a Toronto-based market research firm.

LinuxWorld: Clients waver, Linux waits

Linux is ready for the desktop but enterprises aren

Novell seeks peaceful Linux coexistence with Windows

Novell Inc. appears to have taken up the cause of Linux evangelism on behalf of the IT industry. The company frequently comments on all things Linux. At the same time it seeks to carve a Linux place for itself in the operating system space, which includes Microsoft Corp. and a host of Unix vendors like Sun Microsystems Inc. In North America

Desktop Linux is solid, but a hard sell

Linux is ready for the desktop but enterprises aren

IT looks for answers to linux questions

As the discussion around the advantages and disadvantages of the Linux operating system grows louder, IT managers are finding themselves caught between the rhetoric being voiced by its proponents and detractors.

A whole new world


Windows Server 2003 SP1 released

They are the two words with which system administrators have a love-hate relationship: Service Pack. While service packs often include necessary functionality, there is always the possibility of one disrupting the functions of key systems and applications.

Caution dogs Canadian e-business

Despite high Web usage and soaring broadband adoption rates, few Canadians are shopping online

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