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RIM promises new BlackBerry strategy

The troubled BlackBerry maker continues to see customer disinterest and asks investors to wait for BlackBerry OS 10rn

The real force behind the consumerization of IT

People see it as a new trend, but people have been using their home PCs and Macs -- systems not typically under strict IT management -- for years

RIM delays tablet OS update to February

Scheduled for this month, the new OS won't be released "until we are confident we have fully met the expectations of our developers, enterprise customers, and users"rn

The straight talk on IT’s new direction

New skills, new conversations, and new dilemmas are on the docket for the new year. Here is a look at what to expect and how to evolve your IT organization to meet the challenges to come

5 Ways Steve Ballmer Can Save Microsoft’s Mobile Bacon

A wasted decade on Windows Mobile threatens Microsoft's relevance in the future of computing.

IT takes biggest job-cut hit in the back office

Consulting firm The Hackett Group takes a more detailed look at technology job losses during the recession and explains the key reasons for the deepest cuts

Android 2.0: The iPhone killer at last?

Get past the hype: The real deal on whether Android''s can unseat the iPhone

Apple fix betrays iPhone


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