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IT’s biggest money wasters

Though there's no one-click solution to any of these money wasters, there are ways you can stanch the flow of dollars and use it on the items that will make your IT organization shine. Here are the secrets

Users advised to be careful with Oracle ULAs

Oracle's unlimited license agreements can make great sense for companies that want to use a lot of the vendor's software, but a number of potential pitfalls can get buried in the fine print, according to a new Forrester report.

Microsoft puts Vista ‘behind it,’ says analyst

Brisk Windows 7 sales show Microsoft has can almost forget about its Vista OS, according to an analyst with Technology Business Research. Plus, why Windows 7's rapid growth might not be sustainable

Intel warns AMD of patent breach

Intel on Monday sent a notice to AMD saying it did not have the right to transfer x86 chip-manufacturing rights to GlobalFoundries

Dell triples ‘XP tax’ on consumer PCs to $150

Computer buyers get soaked once more as Dell levies $150 surcharge for installing the aging Microsoft Windows OS on desktop and laptops

Troubled SMIC gets lifeline from China’s Datang

Purchase of 16 per cent of the company will allow SMIC to repay loans that come due next year

Southern Sudan beckons ICT investors

Newly-created region urges companies to build Internet and data infrastructure now that the war-torn country has found some measure of peace

How not to get sued by open source coders

A Fasken Martineau DuMoulin lawyer says many firms do not teach workers how to manage open source software. CIPPIC weighs in

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