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Dell to unveil Wyse thin clients for Windows 8

The new Wyse thin clients will be shown at the VMware trade show in San Francisco next month

Google’s Nexus 7 and $199 tablet alternatives

Some 7-inch tablets are powerful, others aren't much more than eReaders. Here's a quick comparison of several models on the market

HP to trim 9,000 U.S. jobs to cut costs

HP will also cut 8,000 jobs in the European Union as part of a plan to cut 27,000 jobs by fiscal 2014rn

Will Microsoft’s tablet alienate hardware partners?

Analysts say Microsoft can't count on hardware partners to generate enough buzz over Windows 8 on tablet computers. But will its Surface tablet eat into their revenues?

HP announces low-power server system with Atom chip

HP's new Gemini server system will have a flexible design where cartridges can be plugged in to handle different workloadsrn

AMD adds ARM processor as it looks beyond x86

AMD adds the Cortex-A5 processor with TrustZone technology to boost security on x86 chips

COMPUTEX: Windows 8 tablets that stole the show

With a colourful array of new tablets and ultrabooks running the operating system, Microsoft is going to give Android and iOS a run for their money

Asus previews laptop-tablet device, all-in-one

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Asustek Computer unveiled a novel laptop-tablet design at the Computex trade show in Taipei on Monday, along with an all-in-one PC with a detachable monitor that transforms...

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