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How to land a hot job in big data

The big data revolution is creating a new breed of business-IT jobs -- and threatening to destabilize dyed-in-the-wool IT careers

12 ways to become an indispensible IT pro

Being familiar with the business objectives and how technology can improve the bottom line is more important than ever. But so is expanding your portfolio of IT skills

5 hot tech projects to boost your IT career

Take the reins of any of these five forward-looking initiatives and become an IT hero in the eyes of upper management

IT inferno: The nine circles of IT hell

The tech inferno is not buried deep within the earth -- it's just down the hall. Let's take a tourrn

7 IT superheroes — and their fatal flaws

Stock your organization with these seven IT miracle workers, but beware the dark side of their superpowers run amok

IT admins gone wild: Four rogues to watch out for

Most companies do everything they can to keep news of rogue admins quiet, because the damage to their reputations could be even greater than the havoc wreaked by disgruntled or overzealous geeks

Dirty IT jobs: Partners in slime

Carcasses, garter belts, and anthrax -- techs get nasty in the name of IT. Get some tips on how to get through the muckiest tasks imaginable

IT turf wars: The most common feuds in tech

Dev vs. ops, staff vs. management -- here's how to rise above the friendly fire and turn IT unrest into productivity

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