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Nigeria sees growth in country’s mobile phone use

In eight years the penetration of phones has hit 80 per cent, said the head of the nation's communications commission

Southern Sudan beckons ICT investors

Newly-created region urges companies to build Internet and data infrastructure now that the war-torn country has found some measure of peace

Network to modernize Nigeria’s post offices

12 million Nigerians in rural and under-served communities will gain digital access through a government-owned broadband network

Conference tackles ICT role in citizen journalism

Citizen journalism has become a force to be reckoned with as ICT has succeeded in bestowing the power to communicate on the public, says academic

Nigerian IT group pushes forensic training

The Nigeria Computer Society wants the federal government to understand how to fight cybercrime so users will have confidence doing business over the Internet

Nigeria plans SIM card registration to reduce criminal activity

Nigerian officials and members of telecom industry agree on the need for nationwide registration of SIM cards for prepaid mobile phones.

Industry calls for SIM card accreditation in Nigeria

Criminals use SIM cards to commit offences and then throw them away, creating a security problem the country's communications association feels has to be addressed

Nigeria lifts ban on mobile provider’s promotion

Regulator had banned operators' promotions because of poor service. Now that service is better, the ban has been removed

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