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Hurd joins Oracle as co-president

The former HP president, who stepped down amid a sexual harassment scandal only weeks ago, will takeover from longtime Larry Ellison strongman Charles Phillips, who has resigned

Lenovo ‘lucky’ Apple not focused on China, says exec

China's biggest PC maker has been saved by Steve Jobs' temper and ambivalence, a Lenovo executive said

Acer: ‘No short-term plans’ for Chrome netbooks

But the company didn't rule out plans to eventually release a Chrome-based netbook. Acer, which sells more netbooks than any other company, said it's awaiting to see the potential of Google's OS in the consumer market

One in four countries block some Google services

Google services are blocked or censored in 25 countries, not just in China.

Acer among first to sell new AMD Opteron chip

Acer will be one of the four major computer makers that will release servers based on the Opteron 6100. Others include HP, Dell and Cray

Microsoft cautiously moving to mobile Office apps

Microsoft is pushing aggressively into cloud computing with Office 2010, but is taking a measured approach with mobile versions of the software. Users need access to productivity applications over the Internet and from mobile devices, executive says

Intel investigating sale of fake Core i7 chip

Move comes after a tech Web site reports one member found a phony chip after making a purchase from a well-known online supplier. One clue: The instruction manual had blank pages

Obama tells Chinese students information should be free

U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out for unrestricted access to information during a question-and-answer session with Chinese students

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