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Oracle lures SQL Server users with MySQL tool

New migration tool is intended to take away Microsoft's customers. But is moving really worth the trouble?

Oracle pulls Exadata ad claims after IBM’s complaint

The National Advertising Division found that Oracle's claims of superiority over Power Systems were too broad

Oracle hypes advances in Exalogic ‘cloud in a box’

Oracle's 'great big honkin' cloud,' as CEO Larry Ellison once put it, is getting a software updatern

Epicor CEO talks about SaaS and growth plans

Epicor is one of the industry's largest ERP vendors for the midmarket, but wants to get much bigger

SAP to detail ‘five-pillar’ analytics strategy

The new marketing push comes alongside the arrival of a new feature pack for SAP's BusinessObjects software

ERP project overruns ‘distressingly common’: Survey

Over the past six years a consulting firm's research shows ERP implementations rarely go according to schedule. The biggest reason is changes to the initial scope

SAP’s Q2 results: software revenue up 26 per cent

The company experienced double-digit growth in all regions, according to a statement

Oracle adds to social-media software arsenal

Latest deal is to buy Involver, which allows companies to build marketing applications for social media sites

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