Articles Related to GPUs

Dell Deploys Tools To Accelerate Data Analytics on Edge

Dell expands its edge portfolio with additional tools to help organizations capture data collection and real-time analytics.

AMD releases Radeon Pro VII graphics card, offers big FP64 performance on a budget

AMD Radeon Pro VII workstation graphics card offers breakneck performance for less than you think.

Move Over, Mobile: Time to Upgrade the PC

Seems the lowly PC has been all but forgotten with all the talk about tablets and smart phones. Here are some tips to keep your PCs in fighting trim

Nvidia chief scientist: CPUs slowed by legacy design

Bill Dally, the company's chief scientist and senior vice-president of research, forecasts a time when GPUs, not CPUs, will do most computer work. CPUs "burn a lot of power" executing tasks that may be unnecessary in today's computing environment, he added

Peer 1 starts hosting cloud-based GPUs

One exec boasts of massive performance improvements from moving workloads off of CPUs and onto graphics processing units

Dell adds GPUs to blade server for performance boost

The graphics processing units should speed up server performance in specific-use cases, the company said. The blades include two full-length PCI-Express slots that will be able to accommodate up to two 250-watt graphics cards

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