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VMware pays big for OpenFlow pioneer

How big is software-defined networking? Big enough for VMware to pay US$1.26 billion for an open standard virtual switch

Novell antitrust case against Microsoft dismissed

A jury could have found Microsoft engaged in 'aggressive conduct' in trying to maintain a monopoly on its OS, said judge, but not anything illegal

Leap second bedevils Web systems over weekend

Reddit, LinkedIn and other sites were knocked offline by an extra second added to the official time

How Alan Turing set the rules for computing

The Turing Machine gave the world a model for how computers could operate

HP’s Autonomy connects to Hadoop

Hadoop users can now use Autonomy IDOL's 500 functions to analyze their datarn

Microsoft previews new Visual Studio and .Net

The next version of Visual Studio will officially be called Visual Studio 2012

New developer support in Oracle NetBeans 7.2

Oracle's IDE also provides a conduit to Oracle cloud services

New Nmap probes IPv6 networks

Network Mapper adds a traceroute utility, a neighbor-discovery ping utility and the ability to detect operating systems

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