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Researcher runs IP network over xylophones

A graduate student has shown how to transmit Internet packets by playing them on a musical instrument to understand networking principles

IBM acquires Varicent Software

IBM will add Varicent's business intelligence software to its considerable portfolio of analysis packages

Twitter releases its MySQL scalability tweaks

Courtesy of Twitter, MySQL has more capabilities to scale to NoSQL levels

Oracle frees Ops Center for existing customers

The newly released Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c encourages private cloud deployments

IBM: Puzzles provide clues to better analysis

An IBM fellow explains why data analysis is much like assembling a picture puzzle

IBM unveils new analysis packages

IBM introduces new analysis packages for financial fraud, consumer behavior and risk management

No unified stack soon for big data

Hadoop and other big data tools need a standardized software stack to deploy more easily, experts agreed at a GigaOm panel

PHP 5.4 aspires to elegance

The newly released version PHP features performance improvements and syntax refinements

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