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Microsoft, Hortonworks to link Excel and Hadoop

Microsoft teams with Hortonworks to develop an ODBC and a JavaScript library for Hadoop

Apache Web server gets upgrade

Witrh Nginx close behind, the Apache HTTP server has been enhanced for high traffic environments

HP gives Vertica a fresh face

Vertica users can now provision Vertica clusters through a drag-and-drop browser interface

Kernel guru Greg Kroah-Hartman joins Linux Foundation

Former Suse fellow Greg Kroah-Hartman will continue to work on Linux in his new role

Joomla gets search, DB reinforcements

Joomla sites can now be run using SQL Server and PostGreSQL

Facebook brings back the hack

In its third annual Hacker Cup, the social networking service is inviting programmers to rapidly solve programming challenges

Oracle gears Netbeans for better user interfaces

The newly released NetBeans version 7.1 comes with full support for Swing, JSF and Oracle's newly updated JavaFX

Hadoop solidified for production duty

Version 1.0 of Apache's framework for processing big data sets has been released, which includes end-to-end security and a new structure for storing data

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