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Federal government launches pilot open data portal

UPDATE While open data activists are pleased by the launch, they're also concerned about some licensing provisions. UPDATED to reflect the removal of one offending licensing clause

Clearing up the cloud

Defining the myriad service offerings to find the right formula for your business. We demystify the cloud

SAS expands risk management with HPC in-memory analytics

Recent advancements in high performance computing technologies from SAS cut run times from hours into minutes and produce accurate results

Tech in 2 Minutes: Sony

Video: A 2-minute look at Sony

Tech in 2 Minutes: Verbatim’s MediaShare 1TB NAS drive

Video: A 2-minute look at Verbatim's 1 terabyte home network storage server and the MediaShare Mini, which provides the same functionality without the storage

Q&A with Hu Yoshida: Hitachi

Video: Hu Yoshida, CTO of Hitachi Data Systems, elaborates on key concepts behind the company

Tech in 2 Minutes: Verbatim’s external hard drive lineup

Video: A 2-minute look at the company's fall 2010 external hard drive lineup


The Virtual Storage Platform is a good fit for the mid-sized Canadian market, according to HDS executives, because it not only scales up, out and deep

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