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IBM to tackle video surveillance privacy issue

Researchers at IBM are trying to address privacy concerns about video surveillance systems, part of a broader effort by IBM to build a new business in the fast-growing surveillance market.

Spammers dodging OCR

Spammers have begun slipping their junk past optical character recognition software through a variety of animated .GIF cut-and-paste techniques, according to John Graham-Cumming, an antispam activist who maintains The Spammers

IP videoconferencing winning converts

According to an informal survey of 161 out of 500 attendees at the Polycom User Group show in September, nearly half said their organizations use IP technology for videoconferencing.

Appian makes waves with metro Ethernet

Metropolitan optical start-up Appian Communications Inc.'s business model started with a reality check.

Johna Til Johnson: The when, where and why of IP VPNs

Every few years the concept of IP VPNs gets a lot of press.

IP VPNs: Making a case for

Last week, columnist Johna Till Johnson broke down IP VPNs into three types: remote-access VPNs, branch-office VPNs, and extranet VPNs. The real news is the groundswell of interest from large companies in justifying deployment of branch-office VPNs, Johnson says.

IP VPNs: When, where and why

Every few years the concept of IP virtual private networks gets a lot of press. Yet most large organizations continue to use a patchwork of frame relay, ATM and remote-access services to handle their connectivity needs. If IP VPNs are such a great idea, why haven

Bell launches network solutions service

Eager to increase its cut of this country

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