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Citrix buys XenSource, shakes up virtualization market

Citrix has shaken up the virtualization market by agreeing to acquire Xensource. It is spending about US$500 million for the virtual infrastructure specialist, a sale price that assumes about $107 million will be paid in unvested stock options.

Marrying the thief: Is it such a bad idea?

WiMAX is an opportunity, not a threat, to carriers.

Change mgmt trips over skills gap

CIOs and IT managers in the U.K. believe skills gaps in the IT department are hampering businesses

Playing ‘what-if’ with Bell’s future

For a while last month, it looked distinctly possible that Canada could end up with a monolithic, monopolistic carrier coast-to-coast.

Tech manufacturers bouncing back

Profit levels for Canadian computer and electronic product manufacturers nearly doubled last year, but the industry is still not back to where it was before the tech bust, according to the Conference Board

Distributors shifting gears

Distributors are evolving in response to a changing IT landscape, according to IDC Canada.

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