Distributors are evolving in response to a changing IT landscape, according to IDC Canada.

“Distributors are facing a number of existing and emerging forces in the channel that are catalyzing change,” says Ricky Mak, associate analyst, Customer Segments. “In order to remain competitive in a continually changing landscape, IDC Canada believes distributors are evolving their business model and altering their approach to a number of core business functions.”

IDC Canada has completed an examination of the state of the Canadian multi-tier IT supply chain, with a focus on the distributor, and summarized its findings in a recently published report Emerging Trends in the Channel: Distributor Evolution. Executive interviews were conducted with five of Canada’s leading distributors to gain insight into the most current issues and opportunities in today’s channel.

Among the study’s findings:

The health of the channel partner community has been identified as an area of growing concern

Distributors indicated they are shifting business functions and moving into adjacent markets outside of their core strengths.

Configuration work offered to vendors and resellers will be increasingly available. 073035

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