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The single greatest career move in IT history

Chances are no one has heard Eric Schmidt muttering under his breath, "Dang, I could have worked at Attachmate." Looking back on one of the most extraordinary hires ever made

Lawsuit over Gartner e-mail study should disappear

ZL Technologies sued research firm Gartner Inc. because it put ZL

Social networks all over the map on reliability

A recent Pingdom report found MySpace and Facebook were up and running 99.9 per cent of the time but another site was linked out for 45 hours last year. Find out about Lending Tree

Google execs on trial in Italy over a video

Four Google employees remain in legal jeopardy over a video someone posted on YouTube. What ramifications this has for Internet publishing

College student wins free-speech spat, but…

Kara Spencer was accused by Michigan State University of violating e-mail policy because she sent a message to nearly 400 profs. Plus: Slashdot asks users how many phones they have

Twitter limits searches on site

The author wonders why the social networking site cuts of the number of searches users can conduct, and why its so hard for the company to explain

2009’s 25 geekiest 25th anniversaries

25 years ago, the year Terminator and Ghostbusters came out, entrepreneurs founded the firms that would later become Research in Motion and Cisco. A look back at 1984

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