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Cisco sued for copyright infringement

A non-profit advocacy group claims Linksys violated copyright licences when distributing its products. Cisco claims it

Data centre firms seek energy efficiency standard

Execs call for the tech industry to create a tool for monitoring and managing power consumption across multivendor systems, and suggest that vendors should provide clear product road maps

Tech vendors asked to debunk bogus energy claims

Speakers at a Green Grid event are looking for tools to monitor energy use, and a ratings standard that would apply to data centres. Electrical vendors are now starting to attach their systems to the network to allow easier monitoring

Cisco’s seven hard luck happenings in ’07

A look bad at some unfortunate occurances for the networking management giant

Flaws found in Cisco switches, routers

The network equipment maker says the problem could result in denial-of-service attacks

Microsoft introduces new tiered certification path

Microsoft last month announced a certification program that maps skills credentials based around Microsoft products with three levels of Microsoft certifications.

CEO, Nexaweb Technologies Inc.

Those who've made the leap from IT to general business leadership say ambitious IT executives need direct experience of how other business units are run to be considered CEO material.

Staffing by the numbers

As you make the case for increasing head count, how many IT professionals do you need to run your company, and in which IT disciplines should your team members be experts? It helps to have a handle on how your peers are staffing their organizations.

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