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Hello net neutrality, goodbye Internet

Tier one providers now peer for free with each other, but this could stop if they are forced to charge by the bit. The other option is to pass on the higher cost of peering to usersrn

OPINION: Can UC me now?

Unified communications will combine IT silos but also mean companies need to review electronic discovery policies. Find out what issues you need to consider when moving to UC

Make sure yours is a WAN with a plan

Now is an excellent time to be re-evaluating your WAN strategyrn

Do you recognize your job description?

It may seem like network engineers will disappear thanks to industry trends. But a consultant argues their skills are more valuable today to enterprises than everrn

Managing Mobility: Part Two

A consultant continues her advice on creating an effective mobility policy and highlights security precautions

Managing mobility requires casting a wide net

Most companies don't have a mobility strategy. A consultant advises how to start framing one

Of heroes and wonks in the IT ranks

We need both of them on our staff, says an IT consultant - wonks to engineer systems that don't require heros, and heros to save us when those systems fail

Is the Internet doomed to fail?

The head of a research firm asks the seemingly unthinkable and concludes it cannot be allowed to collapse

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