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The pandemic has dramatically shifted consumer behaviour’s and there is a need for marketers to adapt their messaging and strategies in order to be able to deal with it effectively. 

It is time for marketers to evolve and meet the changing needs of consumers as their work and home lives continue to overlap, according to Tom Wozniak, marketing and communications head for Optizmo Technologies. 

When thinking about the near term and long term strategy and messaging, planning the timing of market campaigns etc., marketers must consider changed routines of existing and potential customers as they transition to and from work and personal time is usually fluid throughout the day with people working from home. It is almost certainly distinctly different than when they went to work previously. This fluidity means more people might be more active on their social media accounts and personal email during the day, and they may be “at work” both earlier and later than they were previously. 

The growing desire for social engagement due to fewer opportunities for real-world social interactions is another factor that marketers must keep in mind. This is a great opportunity for companies to help provide a higher level of engagement with their audiences by coming up with innovative ways to leverage social interaction within their marketing programs through virtual conferencing events and interactive contests. 

With more people working and spending more time at home than ever before, the trend of online shopping seems to be accelerating. As more business shifts online, the marketing and communications focused on those consumers will necessarily follow suit. Now is a great time for marketers to reassess their email marketing programs to ensure high engagement with audiences, says Wozniak.