Eighty seven per cent of respondents plan to take the option of working remotely. Fifty eight per cent of respondents in America now have the option of working at least one day a week from home. One in three said that they could work from home five days a week if they wanted to.

The findings fed into the latest edition of the McKinsey American Opportunity Survey, which surveyed 25,000 Americans in the spring of 2022.

According to the survey, the “vast majority” of those working in computer and mathematical professions report having remote-work options, and 77 per cent report a willingness to work fully remotely.

Industries with lower overall work-from-home patterns may soon offer opportunities for remote work options since technologists they employ could demand it forcing the rest of the workforce to demand working remotely.

Despite the clamour for remote work, the hybrid model continues to face several obstacles. Both flexible and fully remote workers continue to report numerous obstacles to doing their jobs, unlike those who work in the office.

“This dynamic is widespread across demographics, occupations, and geographies. The flexible working world was born of a frenzied reaction to a sudden crisis, but has remained as a desirable job feature for millions. This represents a tectonic shift in where, when, and how Americans want to work and are working,” the researchers said.