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Large AI models capable of creating new small AI models

Scientists and AI experts have made a significant breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence: large AI models, like the one powering ChatGPT, are now capable of autonomously creating smaller AI tools.

Hackers attack ChatGPT for “dehumanizing views of Palestinians”

The hacking group Anonymous Sudan has taken responsibility for several recent outages of ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot.

Google dumps location data to reduce “geofence warrants”

Google has recently announced modifications to its Location History data management, aiming to reduce its capacity to comply with geofence warrants.

Aging US water systems under attack by ransomware

Recent cyberattacks on U.S. water systems, including an incident involving an Iran-linked hacker group targeting a water authority in western Pennsylvania, have heightened federal focus on the cybersecurity vulnerabilities of water utilities.

X (Twitter) ad revenue drops to new lows

X’s ad revenue struggles amid boycotts. Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) is facing a significant downturn in advertising revenue.

OpenAI strikes deal with large German publisher Axel Springer

The European Union recently enacted the EU AI Act, mandating that foundational AI models, including those by OpenAI, adhere to stringent transparency requirements before market introduction.

European Union reclassifies some gig workers as employees

Following extensive negotiations spanning two years, the European Council and Parliament have arrived at a tentative agreement to reclassify numerous gig economy workers as employees.

Intel gains momentum with AI-enabled processors

Intel has recently disclosed that a significant number of PC manufacturers are incorporating its latest AI-accelerated processors into their products.

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