Employers noted a 67 per cent improvement in employee morale and a 63 per cent improvement in productivity after they updated their benefit packages. Also, 43 per cent of employers and 58 per cent of employees noted an improvement in workplace diversity since the switch to remote work.

The survey was conducted by Paychex, a company that provides payroll and human resources services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Since switching to remote work, only 45 per cent of respondents reported a change in company benefits. However, the survey showed that employees who update their benefits packages to new work preferences benefit from higher productivity, higher job satisfaction and a better corporate culture.

Sixty five per cent of workers whose benefits had changed since switching to remote work reported an increased level of job satisfaction. 73 per cent of workers said that productivity levels had improved when employers adjusted their benefits package.

The preferred benefit updates for remote workers include flexible-working hours and performance bonuses. Others include home office stipend and reimbursement of Internet costs.