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Now that working from home is the new normal for many, workers have to deal with even more electronic documents. Keeping them organized is a chore, but it can be less tedious with the following tips:

  • Use the default file locations for installing application programs in order to avoid confusion when you need to locate them.
  • Place all your documents in a single root folder and try to do the same in a file sharing environment. 
  • Create folders in a logical hierarchy and use plain language to name them. 
  • Rather than having a bunch of orphan files listed on your system, nest related folders within folders when the need arises. Use descriptive file names to make sure you are not creating folder structures that are complex or deeply layered. 


Three tips to keep your data safe when working from home

  • Some operating systems do not allow spaces in folder or file names so avoid it if you work in a mixed computing environment. Instead, use underscores as delimiters to show empty space. 
  • Sort documents as soon as you first create them for better file management.
  • Give electronic files specific names and include dates in file names if possible.
  • For increased convenience and efficiency, force the most frequently used folders to the top by renaming them with a or AA at the beginning of the file name. 
  • Keep clearing out the old files to keep your folders uncluttered. 
  • Regularly back up your documents!