Rogers Communications Inc. and AT&T today announced a deal that would provide customers of the American customers discounted roaming rates in Canada.

In September this year, Rogers signed a deal with AT&T which made Rogers the first Canadian carrier to offer LTE roaming for its wireless customers traveling to the U.S. Rogers’ US roaming package with 50 MB of data starts at $7.99/day. That would come up to $24/150MB and $120/750MB. Rogers also offers a variety of U.S. Travel Packs, including a one-month $40 plan that couples 200MB of data with 50 minutes and unlimited text and a one-month $80 plan that couples 500MB of data with 100 minutes and unlimited text.

By contrast, the deal that AT&T offers its customers for roaming in Canada starts at $30/120MB, increasing to $60 for 300MB and $120 for 800MM for one month.

The Conservative government in October stated in the throne speech that Canadians pay some of the highest wireless rates in the developed world.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the government is taking steps to reduce the cost mobile users pay for roaming on networks within Canada. While that means savings for users who roam on a Rogers of a Telus network inside Canada, many users still faced stiff fines for roaming outside Canada.

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