One of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers, Rogers Telecommunications, said its network service is recovering after a major outage that lasted 19 hours.

The outage, which affected millions of users in Canada, rendered several services inaccessible.

The outage affected internet access, cell phones and landmine phone connections and some users were unable to access emergency services via 911 calls. The disruption also made transport and flight bookings more difficult at the height of the summer travel season.

In a statement on its website, Rogers President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Staffieri apologized for the outage and said affected customers would receive a credit.

“We will proactively credit all customers automatically for yesterday’s outage. This credit will be automatically applied to your account and no action is required from you,” Staffieri said.

Staffieri noted that the company doesn’t have a timeline on when the networks will be fully restored, “but we will continue to share information with our customers as we restore full services.”

However, despite Staffieri’s statement that the services have been restored, numerous reports on Twitter suggest otherwise. Several customers complained that some or all of their services were still not working, or only temporarily.

The sources for this piece include an article in ITWORLDCANADA.