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Demand for Expensive Smartphone Still High Despite Sector Decline

Expensive smartphones are still in high demand, despite the general decline in demand for smartphones.

Google enters competitive smartphone market by making its own, called Pixel

The smart phone market is highly competitive with few manufacturers making money. That isn't deterring Google

Mobile malware, unpatched Android devices are increasing problems say studies

Three per cent of all enterprise iOS devices had malware, and nearly twice as many of all enterprise Android devices were infected, says one report

Smart phones lead in market for smart connected devices: IDC

Smart phone growth continues at an astounding pace, while growth in the PC and tablet markets is proving to be more challenging

Security, premium materials come together in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Samsung unveils its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 edge smart phones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

A warning on the rise of mobile threats

Mobile malware has been less of a concern to CSOs because most malicious apps target the desktop. That's about to change

All Hands on Tech: Here comes the Neptune Duo smartwatch

Simon Tian was still a student in Quebec when he started taking pre-orders for a computer you could wear on your wrist. It wasn’t...

BlackBerry cuts corners on Passport to suit U.S. carrier

BlackBerry gets AT&T to offer a newly redesigned Passport

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