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Regional carriers say wholesale roaming rates hurt their business

Wholesale roaming rate caps were meant to help new entrants but they also favour dominant players, according to regional carriers

Digital economy strategy promises Canada will be “among world leaders”

Policy is a mix of new and previously announced initiatives

Rogers, AT&T ink reciprocal LTE roaming deal

Rogers Communications Inc. and AT&T today announced a deal that would provide customers of the American customers discounted roaming rates in Canada. In September this...

Quebec court OKs roaming suit against Telus

Action alleges that signals from local wireless calls were picked up by a carrier on the other side of the U.S. border, which billed Telus for roaming charges that were passed on to a subscriber. Telus says it can't do anything

EU plans to reduce SMS roaming charges

A year after introducing price caps on voice roaming, the European Commission will propose legislation to cap SMS roaming charges.

E.U. chides German operators for roaming charges

The European Commission has ordered two German mobile network operators to explain why they apparently overcharged mobile phone users visiting Germany, it announced last week. If the operators fail to convince the Commission that their charges were justified they could face fines of up to hundreds of millions of euros.

E.U. threatens legal action over IT regulation

The European Commission is planning to warn eight European Union (E.U.) member states to bring their regulatory regimes for electronic communications into line with common standards or face legal action in the Court of Justice, it said on Monday. It also stated that within days a group of 25 national regulators would announce coordinated action to tackle excessive roaming charges for mobile phones.

EC closes in on mobile roaming overcharging

The European Commission is close to resolving its long-standing concerns about mobile phone operators overcharging people for using their phones abroad, a Commission official close to the competition department said Wednesday.

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