Brazilian Linux effort launched

Brazil has become the latest country to show its support for Linux. Following moves byrn the U.K. and Russia, the government of Brazil announced that it has signed a letter ofrn intent with IBM Corp. pledging to develop initiatives that will promote the use of Linux inrn the Latin American country.

Risky business for CIOs

CIOs have learned to handle business continuity, information security, and project management. Many have learned to continually raise the bar on their performance in managing these risks, improving success rates for IT projects, managing outsourcer relationships with increasing skill, and bringing business managers into the business-continuity planning process.

Getting proactive about security

There are many reasons why we are so vulnerable to breaches of security. And though we are far from solving the problem, some new approaches are emerging that will aid in the fight.

Sleeping With The Enemy

E-business seems to have a knack for flying in the face of traditional business practices. Witness the current popularity of turning even the fiercest competitors into partners. That

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