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Corporate IT spending gets a boost as hiring increases

A study from Maven Wave Partners LLC argues that the IT economy has been steadily improving since the fourth quarter of 2010. Learn more about the $2.40 rule and how it could affect you

5 hot IT topics: 5 must-read books

Where do you start looking for information on key new IT frontiers, including virtualization, community building, data strategies, green data centres and cloud computing? Right here

Veritas data centre service checks risks, offers solutions

The new SaaS offering from Veritas tracks down system incompatibilities and then provides administrators with suggestions on how to fix the problem

New 3G ability and ‘guest capability’ debut in Ubuntu Linux update

Beefed up wireless connectivity and machine lending capability are new features to watch out for in the updated Version 8.10 of the desktop OS

Google mapping service helps voters find polling locations

There's no excuse not to vote. Google already helps Americans determine whether their state allows them to take time from work to vote. Now, Google is showing voters exactly where they need to go.

Wikipedia moves over to Ubuntu Linux

Say goodbye to complicated app installations and server maintenance when the online encyclopedia switches to Linux within the next few months

Voter hotline gets and IT boost in preparation for Election Day

Manually created system hooked to traditional phone lines is getting Web interface upgrade to handle anticipated traffic

Mock elections test e-voting at LinuxWorld

Open source e-voting system aims to solve U.S. national election concerns.

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