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Predictable storage predictions for 2010

It's a sure thing that EMC will make another acquisition, says the author. For other predictions, read on

Storage news highlights

Eight vendors announced new products or improvements to existing products last week

Brocade, Oracle partner on databases

Brocade and Oracle last week introduced a variety of solutions designed specifically for use with Oracle database and applications

Sun rises on virtualization

Without the hype of VMware or Microsoft's Hyper-V, Sun has quietly built a credible end-to-end virtualization strategy

3Par software divvies up disk arrays

An InServ array can be divided into as many as 2,000 domains, each managed by its own storage administrator and assigned to specific host computers and users.

SLIDE SHOW: Ten suggestions for IT free storage software that works

There's nothing like free software to save some drain on your storage management or data protection budget. Here are 10 storage utilities you can download and start using to manage your storage-area network (SAN), deploy network-attached storage (NAS) or monitor and assess the privacy of your network.

Five easy ways to save power in your data centre

Somtimes the most easy fix to a problem is the most overlooked, and energy issues around IT infrastructure are no different. Plus: It doesn't have to be as cool as you think it does

Backup technology key to protecting virtual machines

As the number of servers being virtualized grows, backing up and protecting them becomes more of a problem. It’s not enough for IT administrators...

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