Attempting to carry out its vision of a single management console, and products and development tools based on standards, Novell Inc. Wednesday announced yet another reorganization.

At BrainShare, the company’s annual user conference, Novell said it has reorganized into six groups: Identity Management Services, Provisioning Services and Solutions, Content and Application Management Services, Networking Services and Solution, Messaging and Business Solutions and Cross Platform Services.

The company has reorganized several times before in pursuit of its Net Services strategy.

The Identity Management group will handle the company’s directory technology; the Provisioning group will be responsible for Novell’s employee provisioning products and DirXML; Content and Application Management will include ZENworks and Novell Portal Services; Messaging will include GroupWise, Novell Internet Messaging Service, Workspace and the Small Business Suite. Cross Platform Services will provide the unified management interface and common engineering services to the other groups.

Novell engineering, the group currently responsible for the common management interface, stitching existing products into suites and for the transition of products and development tools to standards-based protocols, will be organized around and support these divisions.

Sources say that a Novell fellow will also be appointed to provide strategic direction and vision to the office of the chief technology officer.