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Sun serving stronger brand of Java

Analysts, vendors and developers alike are welcoming the release of the Java 2 platform, formerly known as...

ATM alive and well

How often have you wanted to go back and check the predictions of analysts and the press for accuracy? Many of them would be hilarious, I

Half of Canadians will live in wired homes

Canadians are becoming accustomed to accessing the Internet from their offices, and that workplace functionality is increasingly...

Nortel acquires DWDM specialist

Nortel Networks

TECH TOYS: Web page editors can

More and more people need to build Web pages. It may be just for posting on...

Attachable arrays ease storage woes

When Dana Ledbetter arrived at the accounting firm Lesley, Thomas, Schwarz & Postma six months ago, she knew she was looking at a storage problem. She was charged with adding numerous applications to one workhorse Windows NT server, but the server had only 9GB of mirrored disk.

High-end servers get a boost

Tremors are rippling through the high end of the server markets, with Hewlett-Packard Co. and Silicon Graphics Inc. set to square off with their most powerful NUMA machines, and Sequent Computer Systems announcing the imminent arrival of the second generation of its mixed-mode, Unix/Windows NT server environment.

Notes 5.0 to have something for everyone

Beta testers and analysts agree Lotus Development Corp.'s upcoming Notes Release 5.0 will mark an important step...

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Power through a work-from-anywhere lifestyle with the LG gram

“The right tool for the right job” is an old adage that is still perfectly valid in this day and age. In fact, it’s...

Starting with the Solution and Working Back

The fact that many of the top companies in the world today were born in the cloud doesn’t surprise Jason Mota, Co-Founder and CPO...

Cognitive Systems – A quick study in dedication and self-belief

What if you came up with a new way to leverage a common household device but no one — not even the device manufacturers...

Leveraging the power of interactive experiences in retail

Product imagery, done right, can drive retail sales into the stratosphere. But as many companies know, product imagery “done right” is done for less....