Monday, June 14, 2021
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Half of Canadians will live in wired homes

Canadians are becoming accustomed to accessing the Internet from their offices, and that workplace functionality is increasingly...

Nortel acquires DWDM specialist

Nortel Networks

TECH TOYS: Web page editors can

More and more people need to build Web pages. It may be just for posting on...

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CPaaS putting experience economy companies on rapid digital track

In his bestseller Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell defined a tipping point as a moment of critical mass, when the status quo changes. Companies...

Most companies reacted well to the crisis but it’s time to evolve

The global health crisis has forced companies to think outside the usual bounds and act quickly to keep operations running smoothly. But businesses that...

Understanding the power of microservices

By ibmblogs and Mark Dymond No doubt you’ve heard the buzz about microservices, and you are probably wondering what all the excitement is about. Far...

Introducing the HP Elite Dragonfly – an innovation promoting peace of mind

Only a short time ago, working from home was a nice alternative. Now, global events have made it the only alternative. As people around...