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The future of IT: Four points on why digital transformation is a big deal

Digital transformation is more than a buzzword -- CIOs should already be thinking of ways to use emerging mobile, IoT and robotics tech for an competitive edge

Digital transformation is about what you aren’t going to do anymore, including DevOps

Part of the digital transformation process is understanding what the organization should no longer be doing -- and what skills to sunset, notes industry analyst

Did 2015 unfold as Forrester Research predicted?

Every year, analysts at research firms (as well as vendors) make bold forecasts as to what technologies and trends will affect organizations over the course of the year. Here’s some thoughts on a few of Forrester’s major predictions made for 2015

Hybrid cloud is essential for digital business, and Canada is doing quite well: IDG Research

A survey commissioned by EMC found that hybrid cloud has come of age as organizations, including those in Canada, are looking for agility to stay competitive and better serve customers

Microsoft beefs up Skype for Business within Office 365, focuses on supporting data-centric initiatives

Skype for Business is poised to replace traditional PBX systems, while Microsoft hopes to get more business data on mobile devices by enabling employees with PowerApps

IT workers lack faith about digital transformation: survey

New study finds most IT professionals give their companies failing or near failing grades on their ability to implement transformational technologies and drive IT innovation to gain competitive advantage.

Avaya pleased to be presenting sponsor at 2017 Digital Transformation Awards

Today’s food for thought: In 2015, the American Enterprise Institute, or AEI, reported that only 12 per cent of Fortune 500 companies from 1955...

Innovate or go under: The value of data as integral to business survival

Whether it’s cryptocurrency in financial services, big data in healthcare, machine learning in commerce, robotics and IoT in industry, or self-driving vehicles in transportation...

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