Lynn Greiner

Lynn Greiner has been interpreting tech for businesses for over 20 years and has worked in the industry as well as writing about it, giving her a unique perspective into the issues companies face. She has both IT credentials and a business degree.

Articles by Lynn Greiner

Accelerating application lifecycle with microservices, docker containers and end-to-end visibility of user experience

In today's hyperactive, hyperconnected world, everybody wants things now. If not sooner. That puts companies in a difficult position. The old developer joke of...

APM solutions in a dynamic Docker world

Business agility isn't just a marketing phrase – it reflects the attitude of users, both consumer and business. Now that they're used to the...

The hottest cloud computing services in Canada

The market opportunity is so cloudy in Canada that 14 service providers are in the game, bringing more options to IT departments

The perils of social networking

FOCUS 2010: Cybercriminals can use the location data you tweet to craft a malware link just for you. Why McAfee is launching its own URL shortener

McAfee wants safe IT

At its annual user conference, FOCUS 2010, the PC security vendor releases Endpoint Security 9 amid reassurances of McAfee

Dull desktops need feature facelift

The latest PCs for consumers boast vibrant colours and regular infusions of speed, but enterprise firms want something predictable. That doesn't mean corporate machines can't improve, too

The IDs have it

Today, users need to have separate, unconnected IDs for virtually every secured place they visit, but efforts by groups such as the Identity Gang

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