Lynn Greiner

Lynn Greiner has been interpreting tech for businesses for over 20 years and has worked in the industry as well as writing about it, giving her a unique perspective into the issues companies face. She has both IT credentials and a business degree.

Articles by Lynn Greiner

‘Let’s not compete, let’s complete’ says SAP’s chief designer and futurist

Speaking at the company's fourth annual Smart Cities Forum, Martin Wezowski, chief designer and futurist at SAP pointed out that a little imagination in design can reap huge benefits.

Kobo: 10 years of Canadian innovation

By late summer 2011, Kobo had an e-reader and 5 million users worldwide, but was burning through cash at an alarming rate, and Indigo was suffering from its own financial woes. That's when Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten stepped in.

Citrix builds a platform to the stars

ATLANTA – Citrix Systems is heading into a low orbit. Literally. Its hypervisors will ride into space aboard Vector GalacticSky's microsatellites to power software...

ERP software runs the gamut of customer happiness

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software covers a lot of territory, which explains the number of products available to perform its functions., a division...

Huawei security and privacy chief calls for government collaboration

Amid the ongoing controversies about his employer, Huawei's global cyber security and privacy officer (GSPO) John Suffolk is frequently in the hot seat. He...

Montreal wins $50 million from federal government in Smart Cities Challenge

Montreal has a $50 million more budget to put towards its smart city plan today. Infrastructure Canada today announced the winners of its Smart Cities...

ServiceNow conference highlights its platform play

LAS VEGAS -- Anyone who still believes that ServiceNow is merely a service desk company would have had that notion dispelled with a vengeance...

Could software quality assurance processes have prevented the Boeing 737 MAX crash?

Computer software, we're told, now owns the world. Virtually everything contains it, from cars to toasters. And, as we all know only too well,...

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