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WikiLeaks’ Assange arrested in London

Julian Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden over sexual assault accusations

A rookie in name only

Les Affaires has long been the publication of record for Quebec

Social media isn

Security threats are changing as enterprises embrace the use of social media sites. Security experts at Forsythe, Info-Tech and nCircle weigh in on how IT can adjust to accommodate the new risks

Comcast launches DNS security trial

The American cable firm plans to digitally sign all of its own domain names using Domain Naming System Security Extensions by the first quarter of 2011. DNSSEC is one way of preventing cache poisoning attacks, in which hackers spoof legitimate Web sites. Rogers Communications Inc. has

Hackers find a home in Amazon’s EC2 cloud

A hacked Web site gets cyber criminals onto Amazon's EC2 servers, according to an industry observer

Adobe promises patch for critical Flash, Reader flaw

Adobe knew about the vulnerability since December but never got around to fix it

RIM says UAE carrier’s Blackberry update is spyware

Etisalat's BlackBerry update was supposedly meant to improve the performance of the smartphone actually contained software that spies on user activity

Ottawa missing-in-action on cyber warfare says anti-Net censorship group

A Canadian Internet research group credited for blowing the lid off a Chinese computer spy network believed to be eavesdropping various foreign governments and organizations, says the Canadian government appears to be out to lunch on the issue

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