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From friends and fans, Steve Jobs tributes pour in

Remembrances and condolences of the late Apple chairman come from far and wide: from Bill Gates to Sergey Brin to Ashton Kutcher

After hacking claims, second firm pulls digital certificates

GlobalSign is no longer issuing digital certificates as it investigates the incident. The hacker, known as Comodohacker, said on Monday he had broken into Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar and that he had access to four other such companies

Sony cuts Sony Online Entertainment service after hack

It has confirmed that some banking and credit card information may have been stolen. The entertainment network is separate from the PlayStation Network but both hacks have similar traits

Epsilon worries of business loss after huge data breach

But parent company, Alliance Data, says that the breach will have a minimal impact on its quarterly earnings. Alliance Data is one of the largest marketing data firms in the U.S.

RSA warns SecurID customers after company is hacked

The information stolen could 'reduce the effectiveness' of SecurID products. This is the type of attack that compromised systems at Google and as many as 100 other companies in late 2009

HP’s new cloud strategy pits it against Google, Amazon

The company's CEO Leo Apotheker says the HP cloud will be for consumers and the enterprise. HP was vague on details, but Apotheker billed the services as open and able to support many development languages, and designed to be used by any software maker

Smart cards no match for online spies

Hackers are using a 'smart card proxy' attack to get around smart cards, according to security consultancy Mandiant

Man used neighbor’s Wi-Fi to threaten U.S. VP Biden

A Minnesota man hacked a Wi-Fi network to e-mail death threats to several U.S. politicians. He used Aircrack Wi-Fi cracking software to gain access to his neighbor's WEP-encrypted network, according to prosecutors

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