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Why Mark Zuckerberg is a bad role model

Want to drop out of school, create an IT company and become rich and famous? A study suggests Zuckerberg and others are the exception to the rule

Sales of unused IPv4 addresses gathering steam

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- A growing number of U.S. carriers and enterprises are hedging their bets on IPv6 by purchasing blocks of unused IPv4 addresses through official channels or...

How to land a cybersecurity job

We asked the experts and came up with this list of five tips for landing a top-notch information security role. Ready, set, apply!

Apple’s IPv6 misstep is a sign of the times

Lack of IPv6 feature parity for network hardware, software and services is one of the biggest challenges in deployment of new standardrn

Apple under fire for backing off IPv6 support

Computer maker criticized at conference because the latest version of its AirPort Utility doesn't support the new Internet protocol

Akamai to launch IPv6 service in April

"Now the market is starting to take IPv6 seriously," says official of content delivery company. "By the end of 2012, we're going to see some real uptick in the percent of IPv6 traffic we see out there."

Identity management in the cloud worries CIOs

The cloud is a tempting place to leverage a number of corporate applications. But organizations will need strict control over logins to make it work

5 signs you’ve lost control over cloud apps

PostIt Notes with passwords in sight and lots of orphan accounts are signs your identity management system isn't coping

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