Friday, August 19, 2022

Carolyn Duffy Marsan


U.S. agency demos 100 Gbps network

The Department of Energy will show off its upgrade this month to the Engery Sciences Network that will up throughput by 10 times

Cloudmark tackles IPv6

Messaging software vendor's security suite offers features that take advantage of the new protocol's capabilities

Blue Cat hones IPAM platform

Canadian company says updates should make it easier for IT departments to delegate chores related to DNS and DHCP for networks running IPv4 and IPv6 protocolsrn rn

Experts worry over IPv6 attacks

A Canadian security consultant is one of several who says the fledgling protocol is already causing serious problems for enterprises

‘IPv6 brokenness’ problem appears fixed

Work by a number of portals and makers of browers seems to have eased worries about the switch to the new Internet protocol. But Microsoft's Internet Explorer still hasn't been patched

2011 brings fewer layoffs for U.S. high-tech workers

The U.S. electronics, computers and telecommunications industries shed a total of 14,308 jobs in the first six months of 2011, down 60% from the 35,375 jobs cut during the same time period last year

Google, Facebook promise new IPv6 services after trial

The global test of the net Internet protocol was so successful some of the world's biggest Web sites are ready to deploy it

No news is good news on World IPv6 Day

"IPv6 is working the way it was meant to work," says one expert. "After today, we could see significant momentum to do a lot more IPv6 work."rn

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